Hustlers review

Rating: 5 Stars Young and unexperienced, Destiny turns to alpha female and star dancer Ramona when she isn’t making enough money at her workplace- a wall street strip joint. When the 2008 recession hits, they lose the custom of their rich regulars and embark on a dangerous mission to gain their dollars.  First of all, […]

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A quick catchup

I haven’t wrote anything for a while, mainly because I’ve been too busy, and another reason is that when I’m not running around getting to or from work, I’m taking time for myself. I didn’t take much space for myself in the past year, I was always working hard both at uni and in my […]

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My week in Outfits

Monday- Monday is my ‘easy’ day. It’s my day off usually which I spend cleaning up my flat, catching up with work and watching alllll the Netflix. I opted for my black culottes which I love and one of my favourite jumpers which is super comfy. Tuesday- also known as ‘get shit done’ day. I […]

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