Suicide Prevention Week

I’ve wrote about mental health before, almost countless times. And whereas it’s a conversation we all definitely need to be having, I feel like talking openly about suicide is a much different and more intense conversation. I could count on two hands, the people in my life who have been suicidal at one point. That […]

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A quick catchup

I haven’t wrote anything for a while, mainly because I’ve been too busy, and another reason is that when I’m not running around getting to or from work, I’m taking time for myself. I didn’t take much space for myself in the past year, I was always working hard both at uni and in my […]

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Aldi skincare dupes: reviews

I recently saw on Facebook groups ‘Mrs Gloss n the Goss’ and ‘The BeautyShip’ that supermarket Aldi is taking over the beauty community with their bargain dupes that are said to be better than the branded version. And with everything under £10, these are going to be flying off the shelves, so I walked to […]

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