WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. READ AT YOUR DISGRESION. After the devastation of Infinity War, let’s take a look ahead of Avengers 4. We currently do not know what to expect, but after the lack of mercy Infinity War showed the audience, we do know it is set to shock, thrill and impress. We’ve come up with […]


A Plus Size Summer Guide

Summer can be tough if you’re considered an ‘above’ average size. It’s hard trying to find your size on the clothing racks because other people have taken them for looser clothing, so I have put together a little guide of clothes that will keep you cool, looking cool and feeling cool this Summer. Sadie V […]

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Maybelline Tattoo Brow Review

Maybelline is loved all over the world for their mascaras and foundations, but recently they’ve released a brow product which is sure to rock your brow world. Brows are the apparently the bees knees of the past few years since Cara Delivigne came on the scene and everybody is looking for that fool proof product […]

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