Some random things I have discovered/learnt in the past year

I always think this time of year is a time to reflect on the transitions, the changes and the journey you have been on in order to grow some more. Sometimes there can be some really influential moments in your life that can cause your journey to spring forward, but there can also be a variety of little things that just stay with you. This is what I’ve learnt, in the most random and non-context sense.

1. Season your vegetables

Honestly how people can leave their veggies unseasoned is actually beyond me. Everything needs a little bit of magic added. Plain food now makes me cry.

2. Mario Badescu spray is just fragrance

It is not the miracle skincare cure that Pinterest often promises.

3. It’s easier to save money by putting cash in a jar than a bank account

Otherwise you just end up transitioning it over when you see something cute on ASOS.

4. Don’t blame yourself for getting emotional

If you need to release some feelings just do it, if people make you feel bad they aren’t good people.

5. You can’t expect bad people to become good for your benefit

Self explanatory but we are always hoping for this. Stop hoping, it will be better for your heart if you accept your situation and move on from it, rather than hoping it was different.

6. Water won’t change your life but it does make you feel more human

Staying hydrated is important and definitely makes you feel more alive but it’s not a cure all system for your skin, body or love life. Sorry, the myth just isn’t true.

7. Friendships don’t always have to be conventional

Company can come from the least expected places.

8. It’s not true, when you’re busy you barely have time for yourself

The ‘you make time for who you want to make time for’ rhetoric is a myth. Sometimes you just don’t have enough hours in the day.

9. Coffee makes the world go round

We knew this anyway but I just want to reiterate the fact.

10. Books make you more intelligent

A pure fact of life.

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