An honest experience with the Mario Badescu Facial Mists

So here’s the tea.

Last summer I purchased these sprays for the first time and immediately loved them. I thought they were fresh, nicely-scented and something different and feminine to carry around in my makeup bag. I was using them all the time, but started to notice my skin was getting gradually worse..

My pores were starting to be filled with blackheads and I was constantly searching for a way to fix them. Every youtube video I went onto promised me that these sprays would be my cure- but to be honest, I was already using them and they were not working. I decided I would stop using them, and just go back to using my normal cleanser and just water for a while.

After a few days, my skin was so clear, so I tried again with the Rosewater Facial Mist. The next day, I woke up with spots, blackheads and the same dull complexion. Something clicked, and I looked at the ingredients on the back of the spray. It was mostly fragrance, and I was spraying this onto my face every day. It was really no wonder I was attracting so many blackheads, and that my skin was feeling attacked. I went onto Twitter, and realised this was not an uncommon experience. I’m not disputing that these products are good, because they might work for less sensitive skin types and I’ve heard many good reviews. But for sensitive skin, I think it would be best to avoid.

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