What I like to do on my days off

I work a busy bar job, and often I feel like my life is spent rushing around in the organised chaos of hospitality. That aside, when I have a day off, I like to use it wisely and I’m not the type of person who likes to just sit at home doing nothing (on the exception that 1. It’s winter or raining 2. There are good films on Netflix and 3. There’s blankets). So this is the kind of content I get up to on my days off and I hope it gives you some inspiration as we just look after ourselves and treat ourselves from time to time.

Breakfasts Out

This is surely an essential way to start your day? Myself and my partner always like to go to the chain ‘Boston Tea Party’ as its relaxed, there’s good menu choices and there’s good music. The coffee is the best we’ve ever had and both of us are self confessed coffee snobs. I change what I have each time, but we like to spend a couple of hours here just catching up, drinking our coffee and people watching. It’s also a dog friendly place, so we love seeing the different breeds come in.

Going on Walks

It’s maddening sometimes how much you might not appreciate where you live because you’re constantly either on the way to work, or on your way home. There are some really lovely places that are hidden, and must be explored within your home town. Unplug yourself from the phone and just be present.


I like to try and reorganise my life a little bit as well so the weeks feel easier. I’m a massive believer in the fact that your environment effects you mentally, so I try to keep a clear space as much as I possibly can.

Relax and Read

Relaxing in the bath with a book is a great way to end the day and can do so much for the mind. When you read, your brain starts becoming quicker so your intelligence increases. It’s a great way to unwind whilst exercising your brain.

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