Twitter culture? Cancelling culture? Stan culture? A discussion.

There has been a lot that I’ve learned in my nearly twenty one years, but without sounding like one of the elderly, I am more and more confused by different things that seem to come out of the wood work. Particularly with social media, there seems to be subcultures of things that become trends in order to attract followers and likes, which are actually very toxic. But to the younger generation, these things become ‘cool’ and ‘just the way’ so they are absorbing and acting on these subcultures every single day because it appears as the norm. Sadly, it seems to come with a lack of maturity and for some, comes with literal cyber bullying. As somebody who has had twitter since 2009, I am shocked by how different the content is now to what it was then.

What is Twitter Culture?

It’s just the general overall community on Twitter. It’s taking over as the most outspoken social, and there’s a reason- it’s less personal than Facebook so allows room for a persona to be created that psychologically we detach from ourselves- it actually creates more of an egotistical nature because we can pretend and act, without feeling any of the responsibility. This can do good- we can use our confident internet voices for protest and change, a lot of LGBTQ communities have a huge backing on Twitter and it’s no wonder- without Twitter, I doubt as many of them would have united against acts against LGBTQ people and ignited the spark spreading awareness of issues that they may face. But there is a whole dark side, where people say things without claiming the weight of their words, without seeing it as reality and just thinking a ‘delete’ will solve any issue that could come across.

Sure, there’s a lighthearted side of the site where people post funny videos and just share snippets from their day, but on the whole it’s become a system. A ranking system where someone’s popularity can be proved by how much they are above or below somebody else’s account.

Cancelling Culture?

When somebody does something bad or perceived ‘bad’ everybody on Twitter hashtag cancels them or stops following them or associating with their content. It happens a great deal in the Youtube community and whereas this should be a positive thing, often it’s people dragging up issues from the past that have been solved. It can ruin careers, ruin lives and on the whole, it is so toxic. For whatever reason, this seems to be a celebrity thing but regardless, they are humans. As soon as somebody is ‘cancelled’ it’s almost as if bullying that person becomes normal- it isn’t and it’s wrong. It’s like the public believe because somebody is cancelled, their feelings don’t apply, and soon you will see tweets with all names under the sun being published. It could be so positive, but it’s been made negative by putting cancelling culture in the hands of immature people.

The issue with Stan Culture:

Stan Culture is lovely, it’s lovely to appreciate people for what they do. But once somebody is ‘stabbed’ their fan base can be aggressive and again, create the same issues that cancelling culture can create. It’s mostly problematic, but it shouldn’t have to be which is where the issue arises. People loved Social Media when it first started, it was a way to connect. Now it is a way to tear people apart, prove yourself better than the other and gain popularity. It’s no longer about supporting those in your small circle, it’s about showing off, creating a plot line for yourself and fighting for followers.

It’s like a bad episode of Black Mirror, but of course that is where we are headed. I’m not disputing that Social Media isn’t positive, but we are taking advantage of the lack of true identity we have on it. By pretending to be somebody else, we push responsibility away from ourselves, and we must remember that everybody is human.

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