Aldi skincare dupes: reviews

I recently saw on Facebook groups ‘Mrs Gloss n the Goss’ and ‘The BeautyShip’ that supermarket Aldi is taking over the beauty community with their bargain dupes that are said to be better than the branded version. And with everything under £10, these are going to be flying off the shelves, so I walked to my local Aldi to see if I could get hold of any before they were taken by the busy baskets of many anticipated customers.

Pictured above are the products I got. The mask and scrub are dupes of brand ‘Sand and Sky’ and the toner is a dupe of Pixi skincare. The packaging is pleasing, appealing to the eye and looks as professional as a high end brand.

The Mask:

This comes with a little brush to apply, just like the branded version. It smells beautiful and it’s a gorgeous pale pink colour. I left it on for half an hour although the directions only recommend ten minutes, but it sets on the face and it didn’t set on all areas in this time, so I left it on for longer and it seemed to really work well. I personally enjoyed seeing all my blackheads on the surface of the mask and watching the mask draw them out, you can really see deeply into your pores once the mask sets. Then once you wash it off, your skin feels so smooth and invigorated, it’s like having a genuine facial done. This is the best face mask I have ever, ever used. 10/10.

The scrub:

I am so funny about exfoliating scrubs because mostly they always seem too harsh on my sensitive skin, but this one leaves my skin feeling smooth, radiant and new. I have under the skin spots that really put me off my own face, and I hate the texture of my face because of them. For whatever reason this scrub has really polished them, and my skin feels even and unproblematic which is a blessing. I will definitely repurchase this. Again, best scrub I’ve ever used.


To be honest this smells gorgeous and that’s part of the reason I picked it up. I chose this particular version because it suited my skin type but there were others you could choose from. It makes your skin feel squeaky clean and leaves a very radiant glow after. I’m not sure this is much different to other toners I’ve tried, but I do really love the scent of this but unsure if it would purchase again.

Disclaimer: none of these were sponsored or for an advert, all reviews on my blog are from opinion unless otherwise stated.

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