Things to do when you’re struggling but afraid to seek help

Everywhere now, people are trying to get those who suffer with mental health issues to speak out. This is understandable, but for some people, that is a step too far for them in their current situation. Sometimes, you may feel like you have to help yourself a little bit before you seek further help and that is okay! There are some little exercises and activities you can do to just calm your mind a little bit before reaching out.

Get a Journal

This can be really beneficial to many, and something I have practiced myself. Channelling your thoughts in a positive aspect that allows you to still process everything can be really helpful. If words aren’t your thing or they seem too heavy, you can draw or doodle, and it still might get some things you’re feeling out.

Create a Chart for day to day things

This may seem childish but it helps. Thinking like you’re a child again and getting yourself back into a practical routine can do wonders for the mind. Just by writing ‘shower, eat, nap, work’ can be really useful and perk you up a little bit.

Moodboards to the Rescue

Seeing things to look forward to may not cure you, but it can create a little bit of happiness. This was something that really helped me, planning my goals and seeing them each morning really reiterated that there was so much to look forward to.


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