This is how Game of Thrones should have ended

The ending of one of the best TV shows was so disappointing, that fans are calling for an alternative ending. This is how I think it should have ended.

Daenerys takes the Iron Throne, promising to kill anyone who gets in her way with Greyworm by her side. The Dothraki and the unsullied pledge their loyalty to her, and she becomes the queen of the seven kingdoms with Drogon blazing behind her.

Arya hides in the background on her white horse, a Dothraki horse which accepts her as the strongest rider or ‘fighter’ and is now loyal to her. She watches as the crowd corrupts in Chaos, and has a flashback to the innocents she saw die under the power of Daenerys.

She tells Jon Snow, of what she saw in Kings Landing when she went to try and execute Cersei. Arya swears that if she kills more innocents, the kingdoms will just burn. Jon tries to defend her, but Arya promises him that she will kill him if he doesn’t, but it’s easier for him to do it as she trusts him.

Tyrion discovers the bodies all over Kings Landing, including that of Jaime and Cersei. He takes off his hand badge, and leaves it in the rubble before walking away.

Jon visits Daenerys who vows to kill his sister, Sansa for her betrayal and treachery to the throne. Jon tries to assure her that there is no point in doing so because she is his queen, and everyone’s queen, and there would be no benefit. Dany pledges that all those who do not support her must die, regardless of who they are or not. Jon agrees and kisses her, stabbing her and leaving her in front of the iron throne. Drogon cries, burns the Iron Throne and takes Daenerys away, presumably over seas.

Greyworm tries to kill Jon for killing his Queen, but Arya kills Greyworm showing that she’s a better fighter than the unsullied. When Tyrion returns, he tells the unsullied and the Dothraki that a new ruler is to be elected by the council and they can either support it, or head back to their homeland. They decide to leave, gathering on boats.

Everyone gathers, deciding who should be the new ruler of Westeros. Sam thinks everyone should have their own decision, called democracy and it should be a vote. Those who do not want to be voted for King step forward. Jon says he wants to protect the North, being a ruler is not for him after the things he has seen. Tyrion says that a Lannister should not be on the throne for a while. Ser Davos says that whereas he would love to be on the small council, he could not rule a kingdom let alone seven.

Arya does not want the throne, but pledges that Winterfell should be independent and both Sansa and Bran should run it as King and Queen of the North. Tyrion says that he wants Bran as master of whisperers on the small council because he can see the past and future. Sansa is titled Queen in the North.

Gendry Baratheon is elected as King, with Tyrion as his hand. Him and Arya share a look, as he is decided as the new ruler of Westeros.

Jon and the Starks say goodbye to each other, and he wishes good luck to Gendry and the small council. He goes north where he is reunited with Tormund and Ghost.

Arya and Gendry thank each other for the Journey they’ve been on, and Arya says she’ll visit him once she returns as she is going to see what is around Westeros. She then says goodbye to her siblings, before boarding a boat with the stark sygil on.

Sansa is crowned in Winterfell.

In Kings Landing, they have their first small council meeting. Brienne, Pod, Bronn, Ser Davos, Bran and Tyrion all welcome King Gendry Baratheon, and they get to work at rebuilding Kings Landing after the destruction of the Mad Queen Daenerys.

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