My opinion on the Game of Thrones petition debate

Fans have put together a petition for season 8 of Game of Thrones to be rewritten. This comes after the last episode which was aired on Monday disappointing fans due to the ‘lousy’ writing. Many story arcs were ditched in the episode, as different plot twists avoided following the journey the foreshadowing in other seasons allowed. Fans are angry, upset and disappointed that a show that has been so highly anticipated hasn’t led to a conclusion they had mentally planned.

Here’s my two cents on the situation. I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and I think anybody who has seen it, probably is too. It’s such a huge show with so many characters and possibilities that the programme has always been daring when it comes to killing people off, changing the plot and shocking the audience. We anticipate with fear who may die as the characters become less, as the ones who are left become precious and we don’t want them to die in true game of thrones fashion which can be horrendous.

But the plot twists in the last season have seemed a bit random. They feel rushed, with no thought into them other than the fact they may steer us towards some kind of ending. To me, it feels the production team want to rush from the actual show to get on to make the prequels. Storylines have always been steady and patient, but the past two seasons everything has been at a stronger pace with no mercy. You get the impression the writers just want it to be over.

Let’s take the character of Jon Snow, for example. His most common phrase has been ‘she’s my queen’ and not a lot else has gone in the way of character development. We know he doesn’t want the throne, and we know he’s the last Targaryen but what else is there that we have learnt? He’s such a prominent character and I feel like there should be an air of difference about him considering he has been such a protagonist since the very beginning. He’s gone from Bastard, to accepted, to Targaryen. But still, he’s been made so submissive and weak by the storyline interwoven with Daenerys. Sure, Daenerys is powerful and she wants to lead, but Jon has always been a natural leader regardless of whether he wants the throne or not, so where is his stark pride? Makes no sense.

Daenerys, has always been about leading without hurting, she has never wanted to harm or injure any innocent people on her way to Westeros. Yet, in the last episode she destroyed all of Kings landing. That’s giving her a death wish, that’s making her give up. We know that our Dothraki Dragon Queen would not go to such measures to take the throne, and if that was meant to be a plot twist it definitely did not fit. We no longer recognise Dany like we used to, but whereas her character is changing, it’s so opposite to what she used to be that it’s unbelievable. It’s like they’ve replaced a character with somebody different and it’s hard to believe. As for getting rid of the dragons and ghost, we know that’s down to the slacking CGI budget.

The character development of Gendry is the one positive thing we have, but unless he ends up on the throne it feels completely wasted. Unless he gets with Arya, which the writers have already declined by Arya rejecting his proposal, his arc is done. It’s pointless. Arya and Gendry were always meant to be together right from the very beginning of the season, when Robert and Ned said they would marry their children and join their houses, then when they went on the same journey together to escape Kings Landing.

Arya is such a complex character but she should have killed Cersei, not the Night King. This was something she had dreamt to do for so long, it seems completely random that Arya killed the Night King and although I love Arya and I’m glad it was her, it didn’t feel right. We didn’t get the answers we needed about the relationship between the night king and Bran, and it all felt very rushed and skeptical.

Maybe they can redeem themselves in the last episode, but I’m struggling to see how that can be done in 80 minutes. There’s so many characters that need their endings tied up for them, and I hope each character gets their correct justice which the audience will applaud. It’s been such a journey for the show and for the audience that it needs to feel right for fans.

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