Moments in Avengers: Endgame we were NOT ready for

Avengers: Endgame was the ultimate ending to a brilliant era that has seen a variety of films and characters all come together for one, huge finale. The Marvel fandom were shaking in anticipation waiting for it to hit the big screen and when it did, it did not disappoint. However, there were moments which fans did not expect and these have been trending on Twitter. These may contain spoilers, so please look away if you haven’t yet watched the film.





This was a shock, and people are complaining about it. According to many on Twitter, this meant a character development block for Thor where his weight became a plot twist, but honestly it made him human. He’s a god after all, and he was always seen as a ‘man above men’ as referred to when he’s on the Guardian’s ship in Infinity War. But we saw Thor, cooped up in a shed, addicted to drinking and video games after realizing he’s lost everything. He’s struggling with his mental health and he’s been given a touch of humanity that every day viewers can relate to at times- but that didn’t stray away from the comedic value of an overweight Chris Hemsworth. It’s the last thing you’d expect to see on one of his Hugo Boss adverts.



We all thought Antman would just shrink into the soul stone to go and get the missing heroes, but boy, were we wrong. The idea of the Avengers playing with time travel seemed so peculiar and yet it’s a science fiction film. The fact there are now multiple timelines has wiped over everything we’ve ever known when It comes to the film series, so fans are now confused about the direction this might take us in. Either way, we know this Era is over and we’re onto better things.



Everyone had just finished mourning Gamora when she came back. We are all so glad, as she’s one of the most underrated characters in the whole saga, and to be honest, more badass than she is ever labelled. The relationship between her and Nebula was beautiful in the end, and the fans were here for it.



Okay, so nobody expected that. Out of all the Avengers characters, she has always seemed the most reliable and has always been there. The brains behind the operation, I can’t help but feel we’ve taken her for granted all these years. I mean, Marvel Studios  definitely have as they didn’t even give her a solo movie. But I was honestly shook when this happened, especially as she sacrificed herself to bring everyone back who she loved, knowing she wouldn’t see them again.



I thought it was a cute touch that Captain America went back in time to spend his life with Peggy and return as an old man to pass the torch to Sam. It was something I don’t think many expected as everyone pretty much assumed he would die, but it certainly surprised us for the better.


We have no idea how the series is going to go now, or where the future of Marvel Studios lies. The Avengers era was so massive and huge, that it is scary to think of what could happen next. How could they possibly top one of the most successful superhero franchises in the world with their own creations that need to somehow follow on? Whatever happens, the Avengers will always have a huge fanbase behind them.

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