First Impressions checking out the World’s Biggest Primark

Everyone was a buzz the news that a new Primark has opened in Birmingham, in particular because it’s said to be the world’s biggest. I’d heard many great things, about a salon, cafes and more. With that promise in mind, today I went to go and check it out.

It had just gone 9am, so I was hoping that it being early would mean it was less crowded. I was wrong. It was still hard to navigate and get round the people, let alone look at the clothes. The most spacious section was the beauty section and I was impressed that there was so much displayed that hadn’t been previously at other stores. I ended up picking up a few things from this section, and I could have grabbed more- but I thought best to save that for another trip. It was ultimately impressive the beauty section, and with different makeup ranges never before seen in Primark.

The ladies clothing floors were so difficult to get around, I think you could manage it if you were persistent enough to push through. However, it hasn’t been open a month yet so there’s still a hustle and bustle of it being new- thus, attracting a lot more people. I would suggest going back when it’s calmed down, but still, there were some lovely mannequins displayed and some gorgeous clothes about. I couldn’t complain. The men’s section was more empty but it was right by one of the entrances so hard to get around at first. I was impressed that there was a whole salon there.

I think my favourite section was the homeware part and I definitely need to go back for this. I wanted to pick up most things, sadly that’s something my pocket couldn’t allow. There was so many different things available though and all in different styles to suit different people. I really enjoyed what I saw, and I did escape with a set of game of thrones candles.

Unlike other stores, there is a huge marketplace with a variety of different entertainment pieces and stationary on offer. The perfect place to get a gift, from headphones for £5 to pop vinyls, there truly was something for everyone. It was arguably the quietest section but also the most spaced out.

There is a Disney section, and I ended up picking up a Mickey Mouse hold-all which I became obsessed with. Everything was beautifully presented and decorated and I felt like I was in a Disney store, not a Primark. Because of the business, I couldn’t look properly at this section as I feel this is one of the main attraction points of going, but I’m definitely going back to fulfil my curiosity some more.

Upstairs in the children’s section is the wizarding world of Harry Potter. It’s so cute, and definitely for those who adore the franchise. It’s based just off the children’s section, at the last calling point of the store. It’s quite small, and I do feel this was hyped up more than what was offered. However, my little sister enjoyed it as a huge Harry Potter fan and I did think it added something extra to the store, it just isn’t as fantastic as people are making out to be. Maybe that’s the Harry Potter fan inside disappointed it’s nothing authentic, but there definitely could be improvements made.

Overall, for a first impression it was pretty good. I don’t think there’s that much room because it’s all taken up by the cafes, but the ranges are spot on. I personally still prefer the Coventry store, as it’s more spacious and easier to navigate. But this feels new and shiny with a forgiving Disney aesthetic which all fans will love.

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