Game of Thrones Season 8: discussion, predictions and forewarnings of next episode


It feels like us Game of Thrones fans have been waiting in squalor over the past two years for this season to come out. Reddit users have gone wild, looking over at what could happen this season that may have been predicted in past seasons, and the fanbase in general has been going crazy wanting to work the story out for themselves.

The first episode, saw Daenerys and her comrades arriving in the North, and the second episode highlighted reunions, new unions and positive changes. However, with the joy of last night’s episode including the new intimate relationship between Arya and Gendry; and the knighthood of Brienne of Tarth, we all know that something so happy doesn’t quite happen in Game of Thrones without an incoming disaster. So much so, that we all know next week’s episode is going to break our hearts.


Jaime Lannister 



GOT fans have all been waiting for the moment this Lannister son could right his wrongs. And even though a lot of us have warmed to him in the past few seasons, we have all been waiting for the moment he turns on Cersei. Now he’s on a different side of battle, it would be too obvious to suggest that Jaime ends up killing her, but what would be a different turn is if he was killed in the battle of Winterfell, unable to complete his goal of being a better person. This would shock and have fans in despair, and if that isn’t GOT fashion I’m not sure what is. Plus, episode 2 set the groundwork for a painful death as he apologised to Bran and reconnected to Brienne. If he does die, we predict that Brienne would fight for the pair of them.



He might be a baratheon and he might be Arya’s new love interest, but GOT are building Arya into a more complex and fulfilled character every minute. You don’t make two characters as complex as these sleep with each other without killing one of them off, and I’m telling you- if they kill Arya Stark there will be uprawr.



We all know that Gilly is going to be hiding in the crypts with all the children of Winterfell. She might think she’s safe, but when the white walkers decide to bring back all of the Stark’s down there, she might end up dead- or turned herself.

Ser Davos

He will be on the walls giving the signal to light the trench, then he has to lure the undead closer to the castle before they light the trench on fire. He has survived countless battles before with no combat ability, but unfortunately for him, he is just a casualty in the way of the true battle. As much as we all adore this underrated character, he may end up going.



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