My health journey: the first edition

This is first in a series of blogposts that will discuss my health, my changes to my lifestyle and what I’m doing to lose weight. In January I made a pledge to myself that this year I will be focusing on glowing from both the outside and the inside, so I have made some changes I’ve been sticking to. I wasn’t going to write about this when I first started because I may not have been so disciplined, I waited until March because then I’ve got something to report on for a longer time.

I started going to the gym twice a week from February, this might not seem like a lot but to somebody with no confidence and a history with eating disorders this was a huge commitment for me. I have since increased going to three times, with the occasional week where I also go ice skating-something I have since found a passion for.

I have been focusing on cardio with a few HIIT exercises thrown in, to tone and to lose mass- I want to lose a dress size and although I’ve lost a couple of pounds, I have a longer journey to go through in order to get there. I can feel my body getting stronger most days, but it’s so important to take a rest day, especially if you are like me and you walk around and work a lot, too.

My attitude to eating has changed, I’m much more balanced and frequent with my eating. I’ve realised there’s nothing wrong with eating three meals a day, something I’ve struggled with since being in recovery with my eating disorder. I’m eating much healthier, always making sure I have my five a day and plenty of water.

These are some of the meals I’ve been cooking:


Vegan Cottage Pie
Chicken and Pesto Wrap Pizza

As you can see from these photos, these are meals which are still hearty and can be ate everyday- there’s nothing that screams ‘diet food’. That’s because my focus has been on macros and nutrients rather than cutting calories. I’ve been focusing on new ways to cook the meals I love and I love cooking- so this has been a fun challenge. I have also become a flexitarian. I’ve cut my meat intake a lot, cutting out beef entirely. This is because of my attitude towards climate change and the environment and I had to do something to participate in helping the planet. I won’t cut out meat all together, but I have cut down on a lot of it and I think this is another reason why I feel so healthy.

So that is what I’ve been doing for the past couple of months and I’ve noticed my clothes are feeling looser, I’m feeling better and more put together. My hair and nails are also growing so much longer since eating better. I have to spend more money on food now, but the benefits outweigh all of the cons.

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