What I’ve been up to so far in 2019

Long time no see! Since the last time I blogged, my life has been a hectic whirlwind with no stopping. Truthfully, it’s been fantastic, but there have been challenges as with everything that comes in life. On the positives, 2019 has been lovely to me so far and I’m really enjoying what is in store for the year, I am remaining on high vibration even with this Virgo full moon that has seemed to of turned everyone’s lives upside down in the past week.

I’ve been loving University, although it has been tough sometimes and I’ve certainly doubted myself, but application and dedication has certainly been key and I’ve tried to remember that throughout my time there and I will continue to do so throughout the remainder of my journey. I have a part time job as well as Uni, and they’ve put me in charge of Social Media there now which is brilliant, and definitely something greater to add to my C.V, as well as being their ‘Bar Person of the Year.’

I’ve started a magazine module at Uni and I’ve been made Editor, a role I didn’t realise I would feel so comfortable in. I’ve loved devoting my time to going over everyone’s work and making sure something is coming together. My sub-editors are fantastic too and I am loving it.

How have the past couple of months fared with you? Let me know in the comments!

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