How to be cute on a Budget

Being a student doesn’t allow for splashing the cash, but sometimes you want to feel cute and be able to love yourself. We scroll through Pinterest and flick through magazines looking at different styles, wishing we could have that lifestyle. Well, you can. And here is how.

We are lucky in the UK to have an abundance of bargain shops, and whereas they are often looked down on, they do hide some hidden gems that we should snap right up.

This mug for example, it’s got that perfect ‘tumblr aesthetic’ that people go for, and it was £1 in the valentines section in Poundland. It’s so feminine and good quality for such a low price. If you didn’t wanna use it as a drinking mug, you could use it as a candle holder, or something my friend does is pop her cotton pads in there.

Poundland also has these little jars which I think are perfect for summer. They come in a pack of three with a black chalk label with a chalk pen, I put my overnight oats in them and I find them perfect for that, but if you made your own body scrubs those would be good too.

Last year I made my own body scrub with coconut oil, lavender oil and sugar and they were a hit among friends, so I think that will be something for the summer too!

Jo Malone can be gorgeous but it is so pricey. George at Asda’s Home range sell these candles for £6, they are triple wick, slow burning and come in all the scents that you would normally love. This one is a dupe of the Mandarin and Basil, and it’s absolutely gorgeous and the scent lingers forever.

Expensive lotions and body oils can be so luxurious but why spend the money when you can buy this for as little as 90p? Savers and BodyCare sell this and it is amazing to repair dry skin. It smells good, does the job and fits within a tight budget. Since using this since 2014, I have received nothing but compliments on my skin- I also use the bedtime version which smells gorgeous!

If you can’t afford castor oil to nourish your lashes and eyebrows, you can buy a big tub of own brand Vaseline from most places these days. It encourages lash growth so you look glowy and happy in your natural skin.

Liz Earle is the queen of hot cloth cleansing, but when it comes to the next best thing, Superdrug have it in the bag. This beauty costs around £6 and lasts months. It creates stunning, dewy skin and minimises pores.

Scrunchies are a must for cute looking hair, and a lovely accessory for school, college, uni etc. You can buy a pack of 3 from Primark for £1-£2 and I collect them, as I absolutely adore them. They add a little something extra to your outfit and makes everything else sparkle.

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