Uni Life: what second year is like compared to the first

I’m an executive at my Uni’s Rock Society and I often get asked how second year fairs in comparison to first. This is a question which I often wondered myself last year, when I was in first year, and so I am here to tell all which should hopefully prepare you for the biggest shock of your life.

Second year gets difficult, real quick. One minute you’re learning the ropes, your grades a second thought as ‘they don’t really count’; the second, you are sweating that you didn’t start studying ten years ago because you already feel behind. It is a lot of work, but you are trusted more by your lecturers and treated more like a grown up- that kind of support comforts you throughout the process.

You need to start acting like a professional, because around this time you will begin to look at work placements, employability skills and how to apply yourself in the world of work. This means it’s time to face some serious self reflection- it’s about growing up, knuckling down and maturing before you meet future contacts. Entitled attitudes simply won’t do, and you need to be grateful for every experience.

On the flip side, Second Year is better because you are already settled in, you already have your pals and this year you may actually get to choose your modules which will be really enjoyable. It can be a tough ride though, so just make sure you are looking after yourself.


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