How to remain positive and spiritually sound during a bad week

Ah, it’s Sagittarius season. It’s the time for new beginnings, self growth and the time for mistakes to be put in front of us to reflect on head first. This can be a blessing, but often the process can be extremely difficult for a huge amount of people which is why today’s post focuses on how to stay spiritually sound during some of the worst weeks.

First of all, this can be the worst time of year for many. The countdown to Christmas doesn’t always promise tides of joy and festivities, often individuals can be faced with debt, lack of loved ones and heartache. This being said, your spirit shouldn’t die in December if you follow these steps to remain positive and calm during the chaos to come.

Remember this is a phase, a growing pain, if you like:

Like all things, time heals. Whatever may come your way during the bad weeks doesn’t mean it will shape your life for the negative- instead you should visualise why these negative changes are hitting you now and what positive outcomes can come out of them. Positivity may not always seem achievable, but just imagine how bad it could be if these issues were left and how this is a positive thing in the present. Moving forward, take this wisdom with you to reassure yourself that better periods of time are coming to you.

Try to look after yourself, with a routine:

Routine is important during these shipwreck moments. Especially if you are somebody who thrives off looking after themselves to feel more comfortable. Maybe even write yourself a little list on a piece of paper reminding yourself to eat, shower and sleep amongst the stress.

Drink water or herbal tea:

It’s surprising how many people forget to drink whilst stressed. Take a bottle of water with you everywhere or relax in the evenings with a chamomile tea in replacement of an alcoholic beverage. Sometimes you feel worse because you feel muggy instead of refreshed, next time you feel this way drink a litre of water and see if that changes.

Open up sooner rather than later:

Explosions happen when we keep things in and they build over time to create a hurricane of emotion, often resulting in a breakdown. Please feel comfortable to have a rant to friends, a heart to heart with family. It’s so important to share how you’re feeling even if it’s a slip of the tongue. I can’t begin to tell you how many people I know have told me they feel better just for opening up.

Imagine a shield around you:

I always imagine a protective bubble around me during the worst times of my life. It helps me feel that the Universe is there for me and in turn, helps me get back on track. You are protected, you are supported and you are loved. Remember this during your down period.

Treat Yourself:

So important. This doesn’t mean ‘spend all your money’ if you are already in debt, this doesn’t mean ‘indulge’ if you are trying to change your lifestyle, as these things are self destructive and can lead to more negativity. What this means is treat yourself within reason, if that means watch an episode of Netflix at the end of a hard study session please go ahead. If that means cook an extra piece of chicken to go with your salad then please, do it! If you have money to spend and you want to pamper yourself, get yourself some lovely beauty products. But do these things within the boundaries you can afford. Being mindful of your financial and health situation will only benefit you in the future.

Visualise the future you:

Something I like to do when having a bad mental health day is sit on Pinterest and clip things to my vision board. It allows me to manifest the things I want in my future and ask the Universe for them. You are capable of achieving all your goals, you are the maker of your dreams.

So with these things in mind, these tips should help you stay afloat during all the chaos. I wish you a happy regrowth, and more importantly, goodbye to your 2018 self. All good vibes from True Fioritura.

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