Books I have read and would recommend this Autumn

I have been embracing my inner bookworm since the cold weather began, and it has been the best. I have read so many books, and there is so many more I want to commit myself to before January. A lot of these books are niche, they are what I would call feminine thrillers, but they are sure to take your interest if you love anything mystery, drama and psychological. Some of these are by the same author and authors I have discovered and now love. I hope this post gives you some inspiration on what to read next.

‘Friend Request’ by Laura Marshall

This promises to be something quite creepy and at first, it is. You follow a single mother who trips on guilt after a girl she bullied commits suicide and is haunted by it later. But there are some twists even the most intelligent people couldn’t predict.

‘Into the Water’ by Paula Hawkins

The same author as ‘The Girl on the Train’, this promised to be something just as exciting. Whereas I wouldn’t say it was as good as her first novel, Into the Water would make a brilliant Netflix show and has the promise all T.V drama has, except it’s in book form.

‘The Girl Before’ by JP Delaney 

JP Delaney is an author I have recently discovered and now I love. I’m currently reading another book by the same author called ‘Believe Me’ and there is a similar, consistent style to the writing but both juicy, interesting stories. The Girl Before is incredible and tells two narratives, both of women who live in a mysterious and provoking property, enticed by their landlord.

‘The Couple Next Door’ by Shari Lapena

I started and finished this all in one day. It was an incredible, fast paced read that made you want to know more. That is all I will give away with this one, as you just have to read it.

I would really suggest looking into some of these titles and authors and giving them a go. They are all incredible and each has such an enticing way of storytelling you want to go and buy their other books, too!

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