Online Mental Health Advocates that can comfort you in a time of need #WorldMentalHealthDay2018

As a Society, we are more aware of mental health issues than we ever were, due to more and more conversations based on the subject which creates awareness. Despite the positivity that has imbedded the mental health movement there is still a shocking number of people who feel misunderstood when it comes to their mental illness. The preconceptions attached to mental illness also means that sometimes some people don’t feel validated enough to speak out. In a world where we are encouraged to be so open, so free, it is a shame that so little feel they can tell a tale of truth when it comes to what we really feel inside.

On previous years this day has been criticised by people who suffer, stating that awareness for one day will not change the world and that in order to achieve true awareness, we should be supporting mental health sufferers each and every day. In honour of this opinion, this blog post won’t be telling you how to spread awareness, it won’t be telling you to speak out, it won’t even be telling you to open up to your friends or family (although I would encourage this).  Instead, this is a collection of people you can follow on social media who speak openly about mental health and in doing so, are supportive of anybody who suffers from it.

1. Hattie Gladwell @hatttiegladwell, Twitter

I’ve been following Hattie for a while on Twitter and her posts have honestly changed my outlook towards my own struggles and I’ve referred her page to a few of my friends, also. She is currently writing a book with Unbounders about living with mental illness, but this won’t stop her from sharing wisdom about struggling for the world to feel comforted by. She shares things about mental health that often people don’t speak up on, she gets straight to the point in a raw, experienced manner which can really help when you are tired of seeing colourful motivation quotes by somebody trying to create mental health awareness. She writes for metro, and her writing based on mental health is done with empathy and understanding, a real sensitive social spirit.

2. @AgainstSuicide, Twitter

I came across this page by accident and the title can be misleading. However, this page actually teaches someone to accept their emotions and not feel guilt for them, as we often can. Life is full of obstacles and often we are too busy, too tired, too upset to live life to the full. This page validates those feelings and tells you it’s not the end of the world and that it won’t be permanent, it breaks the silence on things you wouldn’t perhaps think of first when it comes to mental health, but it talks openly about the contributing factors.

3.dearmaria._, Instagram 

Maria is not only a great writer, but she also suffers from Anxiety herself which she channels into her writing. She posts stories regularly about mental health and her poetry @typingininkpoetry has some great, raw emotions attached to it which could encourage us all to channel something that so often seems dooming into something creative and beautiful.

4.@YasmineSumman, Twitter

Yasmine is known on youtube for her ‘Emo Mom’ persona and she has helped many young adults with their mental health, especially when it comes to subjects such as school. Her youtube channel, ‘The Random Explorer’ has a great following where previously she has talked about mental health and her own experiences. Her Twitter, however is a hot spot for societal issues that are talked about, but perhaps not in detail. Yasmine writes about mental health discrimination in the work place and how this needs to be treated, something many mental health sufferers can probably relate to.

These are the people that have helped me when it comes to my mental health and I’m sure there are so many more out there. If there is somebody you would like to nominate to be featured in this post, please comment underneath and I will edit this because I want this to be a bibliography as such, of people you can refer to if ever you are having a bad mental health day or if you just need somebody to understand.

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