Coventry’s hidden foodie spots: Sovrannos

This is first in a series of blogposts that are going to revolve around food and drink in my University city. I mentioned on my what I eat in a day that I adore cooking, I’m a bit of a foodie and both myself and my partner are always trying new places. We get sick of the same junk food chains you can access literally anywhere- what we seek is originality, a good atmosphere and great, healthy food.

During my first year, whenever I’d mention coffee places to anybody local, they would always recommend a little spot called Sovrannos. It’s a family run, Italian business in the heart of a busy city centre that involves all the culture you wouldn’t expect to find in such an urban jungle.

The atmosphere is quaint, with faded music in the background but ambient sounds of clinking cups, soft chatter and laughter from the staff- all good signs. When you walk in,the aroma of all good Italian things hit you such as coffee, oregano and Amaretto.

What I love is the prices, it’s all super affordable only pounds more than chains like Wetherspoons which are saturated with students already. For just £7.50 you can get a giant bowl of Pasta to your liking, with salad. When we first sat down, for £7.50 we were expecting a tiny portion, maybe not even real Italian food. But the portion sizes are brilliant value for money and the quality of the food is so authentic it will become your new favourite hot spot.

I would highly recommend the Arrabbiata. Meaning ‘angry’ in Italian, this dish contains chicken, peppers, chillies and tomatoes. The portion could definitely feed three people.

We also tried the mocha which contains Nutella- perfect for a sweet tooth!

Despite the cafe nearly being full both times we visited, it was always brilliant service and spacious. Everyone kind of talks to each other, they ask if the food is good or what you recommend as a customer which is lovely.

The second time we visited we sat outside and the atmosphere is just the same, it’s so separate from the rest of the centre you feel in a completely different place. We tried the freshly squeezed orange juice, which was beautiful and decided to try some different items on the menu.

I had the Bruschetta Pomodoro which is one of my favourite foods regardless, but this was absolutely incredible. It was a healthier version of normal bruschetta which can be coated in a lot of oil and balsamic glaze, but this was minimal and the focus was on the tomatoes which was a winner from me. My partner had a panini and we shared some roasted potatoes which we both agreed was a huge portion again, but we loved the food so much we just wish there was more of us to finish it.

On the way out a man asked if the food was good, we nodded and left with smiles on our faces. He began writing on a notepad. Whether he was a critic or a writer looking for inspiration, both ways he would be satisfied.

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