Ways to make your home more Autumnal

The temperatures have dropped here in the U.K which means some of us are now approaching Autumn with some positivity and cosiness. Of course, it can be hard to transition with the seasons in England because the weather changes so much but I have put together some ways to make your home more autumnal this season.

Bring out the Slow Cooker:

Once that slow cooker is out on show, you know it’s the season of leaving things in there all day and coming home to a hearty, warming meal. You can use one to make something delicious for your family each night or maybe something for bonfire night or Halloween.

Bring the Blankets back out.

Blankets are usually stored in the airing cupboard for all of summer, but now the temperatures are dropping its time to see them on display. Throw them over the back of your couches, layer them up on your bed. It just adds a whole new cosy vibe to the room.

Hang some fairy lights up:

There’s nothing better than some romantic lighting on an Autumn evening, it just makes it more warming and you can get some really lovely fairy lights at the moment from places like Primark and Poundland, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Lights can transform a room.

Upcycle an old wine bottle and use it as a vase for some autumnal flowers:

I’m obsessed with upcycling old things and I’ve currently started this with wine bottles to make cute vases. My favourite flowers have always been pink roses, but for the autumn season I’m embracing red roses and white carnations together to add a splash of red and white.

Purchase a clothing rail to hang your autumn wardrobe on display:

Tartans, check. Mustard yellows, check. Clothing at this time in the year is the best, so let it go on display and it will change the atmosphere of your room completely. If you want to go the extra step, you can get some black velvet coat hangers with rose gold hooks which look beautiful.

Build yourself a candle collection:

Autumn is the season of candles and you can get some gorgeous scented ones such as Cinnamon Sugar and Vanilla. The scents are all beautiful and will get you ready for Halloween etc and be reminiscent of classic games like apple bobbing.

So that is how to make your home more autumnal. I hope you enjoy the start to a very long, happy, cosy season.

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