What I eat in a Day: Summer Edition

I watch these videos on YouTube all the time and I thought I would make a blog post myself as I’m always cooking, always interested in finding new healthy recipes and I always pin loads of new recipes to my Pinterest. So I thought I would do a post about what I eat during the summer.

I tend to stick to lighter meals and most of the time I cook entirely from scratch as I like to know what is going in my food. As a disclaimer, I am a meat eater and that is my lifestyle choice. If that offends you, look away.


Breakfast is a meal I will avoid if I can help it. I love breakfast foods like poached eggs and mushrooms but not for actual breakfast as I find it too heavy in the morning. So this is my usual. A cereal bar and a cup of tea. If it’s not this, I’ll have a piece of fruit and a coffee or herbal tea.


This is a turkey and mozerella toastie with cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Lunch is a weird one because I will often have leftovers if I have them, but if I don’t I don’t really know what to cook. I love salads and soups mostly but it’s a case of what I have in the fridge.


Snack wise I try to avoid it, but I had a nectarine on this day and a milkshake which I will consider a snack as it’s full of sugar.


This is a veggie balti which contains mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, onions and cherry tomatoes. Sometimes I’ll add lentils but not all the time. I served this with basmati rice which is my favourite rice ever and it was delicious! This is what a lot of my University meals look like in the autumn, I eat a lot of rice. At the moment I’m trying to eat less meat so I’m experimenting more with vegetarian meals.

So that is my what I eat in a day, I will be doing an autumn edition as well as it changes with the seasons. I hope you enjoyed!

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