Jameela Jamil’s Interview spoke the Truth- here’s why

Recently Jameela Jamil did an interview where she spoke openly about women and how they are coerced into buying products and supporting celebrities who gain our trust through reality TV shows.

If you’re not already thinking of it, she was discussing the Kardashian family, one of the most influential families on social media and in the world.

The interview hosted by Krishnan Guru-Murphy has gone viral where she calls the Kardashians ‘double agents’ women who gain our trust only to sell us ideals and products that damage us.

If you look closely you can see the influence everywhere. How many young girls hurt their lips doing that lip challenge Kylie Jenner promoted when she wouldn’t admit to having lip fillers?

How many people scroll through Instagram and invest in Kim Kardashian’s appetite suppressant lollipops?

We are being told to be a woman is to be beautiful. But not beautiful in a unique way, we must be like them. We must have the same body types to have the same lifestyle as it’s completely aspirational to us. It may not be achievable but if we can take elements of their lifestyle into ours it will be a self esteem booster..right?

When Kylie cosmetics was first hitting the fan, it sold out in minutes because young girls all around the world wanted to purchase a piece of Kylie they can hold on to.

Not only is it exploiting these girls because they are buying into the aspirational lifestyle out of insecurity but it’s also exploiting the parents who are paying the money for their children to have these things without knowing how small/little there are.

For example, let’s look at Zoella and her advent calendar last year. So many young girls, as young as five, adore the YouTube star. But it sparked controversy last year when the calendar which had items you could purchase from Poundland and Primark, retailing at £50.

Everywhere we go we are being sold a lifestyle, there’s a reason why love island stars end up promoting clothing companies, teeth whitening and diet pills when they finish the series. Because people buy into it, because they feel it will cover the real underlining issues.

In a world where feminism has become more prominent, what we really should be doing is building each other up and celebrating each other, but what we’ve been given is ammunition to focus on what we don’t have.

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