My Pre-fall Skincare Routine

It’s that difficult time between summer and autumn where there’s still a bit of moisture and heat in the air creating oilier skin, but there’s a dryer element coming in with the weather.

Not to mention, with the weather changing we’re more prone to breakouts as the seasons collide into one another.

Usually I would find it difficult to keep a skincare routine up, especially one that is affordable. However this year I think I’ve finally done it. On a student budget of £20 I have provided myself with a simple, non complicated skincare routine which I do both morning and night.

The first product I’ve been using and absolutely doting on is the Lacura hot cloth cleanser. It’s an Aldi dupe of Liz Earle and it is fantastic. Right down to the texture and the scent this hot cloth cleanser is incredible for anybody’s skin, any time, but at a retail price of £4 it is more ammunition to purchase it.

I’ve used hot cloth cleansers previously and I can’t say they have done much for me, but this one leaves my skin porcelain smooth. I’ve always had under the skin bumps but this has smoothed those away which is a miracle for me. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this.

I use it in the morning before I do anything else. All you do is put on the product, hold a hot cloth over your face for a minute to open your pores and then you polish all the dirt away using the same cloth. Then once you’re done, you close the pores with cold water and pat dry.

I repeat this at night before I go to sleep.

The second product I use is this Mario Badescu facial spray with chamomile and lavender. You can also purchase this in an Aloe one or a Rosewater, but I personally adore lavender for calming the skin.

This has been my saviour during summer and I’m finding it to be even more effective now the weather has changed a little. It just calms the skin right down, if there’s irritation just spray some on and it will transform the skin and leave it glowy.

I use this right after my hot cloth cleanser but sometimes I’ll spray some over my foundation for a dewy finish. I’ve always pushed facial sprays to the side but this year I’ve really got into using them and I find them a great, easy alternative to toner.

Sometimes I’ll spray throughout the day just for the scent as it is truly gorgeous. I would really encourage anyone to invest in a Mario Badescu facial spray.

My last step is to use this serum which I have used previously in 2016 and I was obsessed. I’m currently addicted again. It smells so good and it leaves the skin looking healthy, radiant and transformed. It’s under £5 in Superdrug and sometimes they do an offer where you can purchase two for the price of one, and I always stock up on these.

It’s the only serum that has ever worked for me but I find face creams leave my skin too oily and heavy.

I have combination skin and what I’ve found is that the Naturally Radiant collection is perfect for that. I’ve used some cleansing pads and a cleanser from the same collection and it’s something I would really encourage buying if you’re doing skincare on a budget.

So that is my pre- fall skincare routine. I hope you enjoyed reading this and you can try a few new products from it. Mario Badescu is often mentioned but the Naturally Radiant range from Superdrug is honestly not mentioned enough and should be flying off the shelves.

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