Why being ‘unsuccessful’ is not a thing

Every single day, I see somebody share a self depreciating tweet or status. This can sometimes be in humour, but regardless, it always appears to me that everyone in some way is feeling behind. It’s no surprise, life is this fast rollercoaster that doesn’t stop. People don’t get on or get off, it absorbs everyone’s energy as you go from one obstacle to the next, no consideration for the people who are fearful of what could happen if you don’t embrace that fast paced life.

We have become obsessed with changing our lives around, nobody is satisfied until we are pushing away the past and the place we came from. It must be different. The steps we take to get to where we are may take longer for some than others, but we are all part of a bigger plan- divine destiny. But we are all born with an intention, a purpose. The attitude of most is that we must change the world, or just do something. Nobody seems to feel successful unless that will be completed.

Success is a funny thing now. It’s not measured in sentimental value or on whether you’re a good person. It’s all about opportunities, work, work, work. A business CEO is seen more successful than a charity volunteer, why? Yes, hard work should be applauded but every little good thing we do should be applauded, as those good things go into the Universe and create something even bigger than ourselves. I saw a post recently from a woman with three children, who said she felt looked down on by her working, single friends for being settled with kids. That to me, is success on it’s own. If you’re on a life path that fulfils you, that feels right in your heart than you are successful. You are successful to yourself, it doesn’t matter if that is measured as success by others, because the Universe does not ask for the opinion of others, just your own feelings. So whether your lifestyle is a hectic working one, a nurturing family one or you’re just living day to day, you are on your way to finding your destiny.

We each have a timeline, where we can complete our chosen goals and dreams and it is up to us if we change the destiny of that. We can manifest things, to get somewhere but sometimes we become frustrated if those things do not happen fast. The Universe would not point us in a direction if it was dangerous to us, so there is no such thing as failure, only protection. Sometimes bad things occur, but better things come along. But it’s the belief in the self that help those things happen. If you look at some celebrities, they were in completely different careers, relationships etc in their twenties, but got to where they were later in life because they chose a different course that seemed impossible to them in the first place. So if your friend appears to be doing better than you now, doesn’t mean you won’t be doing something extraordinary in the next few years. It just means something magical is cooking up for you and it needs to take longer to make sure it is absolutely perfect for you.

So carry on living day to day; working the daily grind, hustling to pay the rent. But in the forefront of your life, imagine what you want it to really be like. Keep those dreams as alive as a memory in your brain, leave that print in your subconscious to start creating something fantastic for you. Bad things happen to balance the world out, if everything was happy, nobody would appreciate the good. I don’t know why bad things happen, but if we visualise a happier place, we push that negativity out of the Universe and away from us- like a shield wrapped around us to keep us and our goals safer. There are no coincidences, only fate, so each time you feel you aren’t getting somewhere, tell yourself you are already there. Dress how you imagine your future life to be, draw it, write poems about it. And in a few years, watch as those things become your reality.

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