Catch up with me

It’s been a while since I gave any kind of update on what is going on with my life. I’ve been so busy, it hasn’t stopped. I went away with my family and boyfriend for a bit which was so needed, I came back, worked non stop until my Birthday and then went away with my boyfriend again.

But I am back, and in the midst of looking for Journalism work experience, battling a full time job and trying to keep a tidy enviroment I am talking to you lot about what’s been going on.

Currently I am working a bar job and I love it, you are never short of a story in a pub, there is always something going on which as somebody who wants to go into Journalism, I adore. The downside is the doing closes then opens and chugging coffee on your way to the coffee machine because one cup is simply not enough. I love how fast paced it is, something which always suits me in a job role. I have been working since I was fourteen and miraculously I get bored when I don’t work, so my decision was when I went to University I would still work along side it, otherwise it would be bad for my anxiety.

I know a lot of you are on your way to Uni soon, either returning or going for the first time. If it’s your first year, best of luck. Freshers will be fantastic but don’t forget to knuckle down too. It truly is a difficult but fantastic experience all at the same time, I would really reccomend it to anybody who wants a bit of independence but also has a strong, ambitious drive. But it’s not something to do if you are avoiding work, University is a serious commitment so just be aware of that.

I’m really excited at the moment for Autumn, it’s my favourite season of all and I LOVE everything about it. The crisp, frosty nights, the hot chocolates, halloween, bonfire night. I love. it. all. Even more so because when Autumn draws in this year, I will be in my new house and I’m reallllllly hoping we’ll do something for Halloween/Bonfire night because both of those things are definitely on my list of favourite ever fabby things. I’m also so ready to go to Ikea and deck myself out in Autumn themed decor for my new room because tis the season to be cosy! I’m a summer baby but I’m not really a summer person at all, the heat irritates me, I’m always working during summer but I’m a whole-new, reborn person during the fall.

I have just discovered Romwe and Shein and there will be a few hauls/try on posts coming your way because I may have gone a little teeny bit mad. The prices are cheaper than Primark and despite bad reviews, I had to give it a go. The clothing is insanely cute, all korean inspired which is gorgeous because we don’t really get shops that do that kinda thing in the UK, Primark try to sometimes but it always ends up looking a bit too tacky which isn’t what people are after. But I am loving all the pastels and printed tees they have on there and I can’t wait to show you what I have got.

Finally, I just want to apologise for not posting as much. My Blog is so important to me and something I’m very committed to, but at the moment I’ve had a great deal of personal things going on in my life and the last thing I want is to push myself. I’m really trying to balance everything . as well as succeed and it can be so frustrating when you want to do everything you possibly can but you physically cannot bring yourself to do it because it’s all too much. Adulting, I’ve learnt, will still make you strop and cry like when you couldn’t get a Barbie as a child. But it’s different, because a lot of it is frustration that you can’t balance your priorities. This being said, there will be more posts coming your way soon and I have absolutely, positively not given up on this blog.

Thank you for being so patient, you lot reading these posts makes my life and makes it all worth it. Big thank you’s, I’m so grateful to you all ❤

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