Cute kitchen finds from UK budget shops

Homeware is something we see on the daily whether it’s in our own homes or plastered over social media. The obsession with it has risen, with Pinterest and Instagram showing us picture perfect rooms. There are lots of accounts dedicated to pretty kitchens, but a lot of the novelty items reach up to £75 which just isn’t affordable for most families in the UK.

I went on a mission to find cute novelty kitchenware from budget shops that can assure that the most frugal of us can be included in this homeware craze.

Burger Press, £1- Poundland

This burger press has two compartments and will hold you up in the Summer months for fun barbecues with your friends. Similar ones have been seen on the Lean in 15 and Tasty Pages for around £25. But for just £1, you can’t beat a bargain. Particularly one that might end in a barbecue.

3 Set Pie Dishes, £7.99, Aldi

These would be perfect for Autumn. Whether it’s making a Pumpkin Pie for Halloween or a comforting Pot Pie in the cold weather, these are wonderful at a great price of £7.99. You get 3 in a pack, with different sizes so whether you want to make something individual or for the family, it is a handy piece of equipment to have. Each dish individually would come to £2.66 each, which is a budget price compared to buying one in higher end stores for £45.

Serving Baskets 4pk- £1.70, Home Bargains

I’ve seen these everywhere and I think they are wonderful for when you are entertaining friends. It’s something a little bit more fun. These would be great to serve junk food meals, snacks or even as individual fruit bowls. I’ve seen people use them as hotdog baskets at Barbeques which is a fab idea, but these are around £10 normally. For £1.70 you can purchase 4 from Home Bargains which is an absolute steal.

Heart Egg Pan, £1.20, Home Bargains

Also from Home Bargains I found this. I haven’t seen these more expensive or seen them at all for that matter, but I thought these were perfect Instagram/blogger inspo when it comes to cooking. Everyone posts breakfast photos online and I thought this would be really, really cute. Plus, children would absolutely love this and it may encourage them to try something new. You can also make pancakes and omelettes in here, not just eggs.

So those were the Bargains I found for frugal minded people, let me know if you want to see more of these posts as I love shopping around and seeing if I can get every day items more affordable.

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