Back from Hiatus

Hello everyone, I’m finally back from my blogging Hiatus after nearly two months of not posting anything. Thank you for being patient with me during my absence, I have some really exciting things coming up for you all.

My reason for taking a break was following the death of my Grandad, whom I loved very much. It was a really difficult tumble for me to take and I couldn’t face doing anything for a while after, finding the motivation to do things I loved was really tough for a while.

But I threw myself into work to keep myself busy and I was doing 40 hour weeks mostly night shifts, but also I had to work a really intense local folk and beer festival which was a lot of hours and left me quite exhausted for a while after.

My mental health hasn’t been amazing, the death of a loved one can really make waking up difficult in the morning and the passion for everything you love just goes. I’ve made it through that, I’ve been strong, but I feel like I’ve allowed myself to grieve now.

But on more positive notes, I have some lovely posts lined up for you, for the whole of August through to September. Expect film reviews, break away posts, morning routines, night routines, Beauty reviews and general chit chat posts.

So guys I hope this makes my ‘internet disappearance’ a little bit clearer for you all, but I am coming back!

Much love as always.

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