Your Harry Potter character based on your star sign

Capricorn- Snape, Snape, Severus Snape 

(You sang that, didn’t you?)

As a capricorn you are ambitious, and at times this can come across as cold to some. Deep down you have a heart of gold, but that might be covered up in reservation by burying your head in work and tasks that can set you forward. You crave a permanent connection with people, and once you are loyal, you are loyal to the bone. You are quite reserved and people never really know what you’re thinking, so you’re the first person to be judged by groups of people. Most of the time, they are wrong about your intentions.

Aquarius- “Ronald Weasley!” 

As an aquarius you are the comedic one in your friendship group and you often have the best intentions. You are the one to have your pals backs, right until the end- but if they do you wrong, they must be warned as you can pretend they don’t exist. You are often asked how you can eat so much, but your love of food is as big as your appetite for life. When you care about somebody you are probably likely to pretend those feelings don’t exist so you don’t appear weak or silly, but those feelings are likely to come out in the most unlikely of ways in the end. You are an intellectual and a humanitarian, but even the best have their ditsy moments.

Pisces- Ginny Weasley 

You are the mysterious one. The person everyone likes the look of, but they never really quite know fully. You are selfless and you empathise with everyone, this often makes you a great partner, parent and friend. Whereas you are quiet, the strengths come up often when your friends and family need you most. Pisces think emotionally, but not without logic and can come up with some of the best solutions to the problem. Often you are told you are too much of a dreamer and have your head stuck in the clouds, but you prefer it that way as it’s less dark than real life.

Aries- Harry Potter 

You are couregous, daring and energetic which makes you the perfect star Griffindor. At times your egoistic and impatient nature can get the better of you and it can put you in worse situations, but when you have your friends around you, you are at your best. When you go into something you go into it head first, without thought and find yourself on a Journey of finding the answers to solve that issue. Luckily for you, your friends always have your back as Aries are blessed with loyal and equally as brave pals. You often feel torn between the good and bad, as fire can burn quickly and so can your temper. But you have to remember how you reflect on the inside.

Taurus- Minerva McGonagall 

For you, it’s not always about magic or dreaming, it’s about getting it done. You think logically with your heart in the right place and your intelligence and realism is your true talent as you are often the most forward and logically thinking person in your pack. You are practical and a great leader, humble and strong minded. Your level headed attitude means people want to earn your respect and respect is important to you, it’s one of the most important things up there. Whereas you think it would be lovely to have nice things and live a lovely life, your life starts from the present and solving the issues right infront of you- head on, with a firm belief all will be solved.

Gemini- Draco Malfoy

You are living a double life and you are great at keeping up faces. You are able to adapt your personality and views to suit and please different groups around you. People claim you are two faced and have conflicting personalities but the real issue is that so much is expected of you, it’s stressful to disapoint and you find it easier faking it until you make it. You are quick witted, but emotionally conflicted but all that doesn’t matter when your quick wit makes you the banterous legend in your friendship group. You can appear moody and brutally honest, but that’s the secret charm of the Gemini. You will never have such a laugh with somebody, but you’ll also never have such a brilliant heart to heart.

Cancer- Hagrid 

You can be eccentric, and at times, a little insecure. But that doesn’t change the fact you have the biggest heart of the zodiac. You want to protect your family, friends and pets with all your strength and make sure they are safe and happy. You are a home (or hut) maker and you’re always the first to help. You have a hard exterior, and can brush people the wrong way, but that’s only because you care so deeply.

Leo- Hermione Granger 

Determined, intelligent and the leader of your group, you are often put down to make others feel better, but that doesn’t change the fact of how much you are needed. You are the first to solve issues, think quickly and come up with a solution, but often you are underestimated until you are too late. Sometimes you can come across as eccentric because of your mindful confidence, but your heart is golden, along with your pride and your need to protect like a Lioness keeps your pack together. You are the squad glue.

Virgo- Neville Longbottom 

You can appear quite shy and reserved, and people often don’t expect the best from you because you’re so down to earth and matter of fact. But you have a hidden brilliant side that comes out when necessary which becomes a complete saviour to the people around you. It takes the right people to bring your confident side out, but once it’s out it’s there to stay and you are never afraid of standing up for yourself and what you believe in. You can be feisty and argumentive if you’ve been brushed the wrong way, but it takes a real spoon to start conflicts with a lovely Virgo.

Libra- Remus Lupin 

You often bring balance to the world around you, and people love that from you. Your dreams revolve harmony and your charming nature means you are adored by family and friends. Sometimes you have a dark side that people don’t expect, but you do your absolute best to keep that hidden so life can continue smoothly. You dream for a life of peace, which often doesn’t happen. But your desire for that tranqulity keeps you going in the hope for ‘one day.’

Scorpio- Molly Weasley 

As a Scorpio, when you love to choose to love with your whole heart. It’s all or nothing. You will protect those you love fiercely, but when something goes wrong your temper goes through the roof. You are intuitive, down to earth and you are often known by your first impression as you choose how well people get to know you and often you prefer it if your whole personality is kept for the best people in your life- you hate to waste your time, especially with your enemies. You are the rock in most situations- steady and direct, you know exactly what to say and you’re fast on your feet to say it. Often you are chilling in the water, but if somebody hurts you or your family, they will face the sting of the scorpion.

Saggitarius- Luna Lovegood

You are often misunderstood but you are more concerned with the things others aren’t. Your open mind makes you think of things others don’t, whereas that’s in mystical dreams or a surprisingly dark humour you wouldn’t expect. You are sweet, optimistic and enthusiastic. You generally do not care what people think of you, life isn’t for worrying it’s for forward thinking and making sure you achieve the best. You can appreciate tradition but you love your own spin on it, making people struggle to understand you, but at the end of the day, your thoughts belong with the world.








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