Affordable cruelty free brands

Obviously it’s down to individual choice but in this day and age, I think it’s the easiest time to go cruelty free. I personally do not believe in Animal Testing, I don’t think it’s necessary in the slightest but there are still big companies out there who refuse to make the change to an alternative.

There is a preconception that Cruelty Free is more expensive, more pricey. And in some cases, that is true- because real, natural and fresh ingredients are sourced meaning you are paying the extra for the wages of the people picking those ingredients for the suppliers. But paying that bit extra may save you disposable money, and this article will explain exactly why. Each brand I’ll be talking about I’ll be comparing to a brand I used to use, and how it’s more beneficial all round.

1. Inecto 

Not only is Inecto a vegan and cruelty free brand, it is also a beautiful tropical brand that puts emphasis on a lot of coconut in their products. The products contain ninety percent natural ingredients and they smell gorgeous- like tropical waffles. They have three ranges: coconut, argan and almond. The collection comes in shampoo, conditioner, body scrub, body oil, hair oil and hair serum. When I used this for the first time my hair was brilliantly soft and free flowing, it is also found in most bargain shops such as Savers, which makes it an affordable cruelty free option.

Favourite product in the range: The coconut body oil is to die for, and a must in summer to preserve a tan.

Where to find: Savers, Bodycare, B&M Bargains, Home Bargains.

Compared to: Garnier’s Ultimate Blends range. The Inecto coconut shampoo and conditioner is very similar to Garnier’s ‘Ultimate Blends’ coconut milk shampoo. But the Inecto one is a bigger bottle for cheaper, makes my hair softer, contains more natural ingredients and is cruelty free. Winner.

2. NYX 

NYX has climbed up on the Cosmetic ranks and is now one of the most respected brands in the world. They have a variety of incredible makeup products from foundations, contour palettes to vivid bright liquid eyeliners. NYX is one of the most tagged makeup brands in the U.K on social media site Instagram, so it’s even more of a bonus that it is cruelty free. NYX is actually named after the Greek goddess of night, so that’s another reason to make a cheeky purchase for your night out this weekend. And as an added bonus, their five pound matte lip creams have been voted better than Kylie Lip Kits.

Favourite product in the range: I adore their vivid brights liquid eyeliners, I have both the pink one and the purple one and both make amazing changes to the eye look.

Where to find: Boots, Beauty Bay, Feel Unique

Compared to: Maybelline. Maybelline has been a respected makeup brand for years, but it still has not made that switch to cruelty free. However, the NYX mascaras are just as good as Maybelline.

3. The Body Shop 

The Body Shop’s products are 100 percent vegetarian and cruelty free and not only that, they also have a manifesto. They have an ‘enrich not exploit’ commitment which has given the company 20 targets to tackle in two years time. Their end goal is to be the most ethical business around the globe. They offer a whole range of products from makeup, to body washes to haircare. Their products are raved about, especially their body butters which are said to be the most prominent product they sell, along with their banana shampoo. They also offer free skincare consultations. What I like about The Body Shop is their products are more natural, thicker and last longer than other products.

Favourite product in the range: I personally adore their tea tree skincare range, but their shower gels are my favourite. Especially the Argan Oil one, the scent is amazing.

Where to find: Body Shop stores and online.

Compared to: Shower gels such as Radox, which last about a week before you have to buy another bottle. With The Body Shop shower gels, they last around two months before you have to replace them. Meaning you save yourself eight pounds in two months.

4. LUSH cosmetics

Lush believes in good, fresh and natural ingredients, but also selling products that are ethically fantastic. They are 100% vegetarian and 83% vegan, but also pay the people who source the ingredients to suppliers a fair wage. Sounds great, right? Well there’s more. They also are reducing their plastic to help better the enviroment, with their naked hair and shower gel range.

Favourite product in the range: I’m loving the tea tree toner water, NEW hot oil treatment and Twilight body spray at the moment.

Where to find: Lush stores and online.

Compared to: Soap and Glory, who now also do bath bombs and haircare. Lush is more natural, only uses the best ingredients and each product is handmade by a happy chappy, winner winner.

5. Superdrug’s own brand

You heard it here, Superdrug’s own brands are all cruelty free and some are even vegan. So next time you’re doing an affordable toiletry shop, make sure you check out their products as the majority are amazing and for a fantastic price.

Favourite product in the range: The naturally radiant hot cloth cleanser is just like Liz Earles’ but more affordable and ethical.

Where to find: Superdrug stores and online.

Compared to: A variety of different popular brands such as Palmolive and Herbal Esscence, there are more ethical options available for cruelty free fans.





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