How one subject changed my life

This is a story time blog post.

Before I decided what I’d wanted to do with my life, I had to choose my GCSE options. I was thirteen at the time, not aware and to be honest, not bothered. I hated school, I hated it because I was endlessly bullied and every moment in that place made me feel like like my life was not worth living. I was convinced I was going to live past sixteen anyway, so I just didn’t care. My attendance was so bad because I was so scared to go into school, that I had already accepted failure.

The subject that changed my life was Sociology, and effectively it changed my other subjects for myself also, because I could see the Sociology in them.

I’d spent so many years feeling low, depressed and absorbed in a world of pain that when I started learning about global issues, what people are really going through in other countries, my pain eased away and what I was left with was passion, education and an empathetic understanding of real life issues. I learnt that every country was not as lucky as England, that Gender was fluid, that Racism still exists and continues to do so.

I learnt that Women were once, not as lucky or as privileged as I am. And in some countries, Femicide is still prominent and Women still face inequalities all over the world- but Men also suffer and deal with things they feel they can’t speak about on the daily.

As a child who was born into a single parent family, raised also by my extended family and then into a reconstituted family, I felt a connection with the subject, I felt a connection with School. I would go every day and I would glow, I would tell all my friends about the inequalities of the class system and how we live in a capitalist society which oppresses the working class. I would teach them that we are all privileged, but everyone has their issues to work on but we can fight for others too. I started to get A’s, a grade I never thought was realistic for me.

2012 was the year I woke up, I woke up to a world that was big but unfair. A world that had so many beautiful people with so much potential, but not the means to achieve their dreams. It was the year I was educated, and the time I realised that we can make changes, but all of us have to want to.

Without Sociology and my Sociology teachers, at both GCSE and A Level, I wouldn’t be at University now. I probably wouldn’t even have this blog. I have a lot to thank them for and for the subject, for changing my life.

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