Conspire with me: Sims conspiracy theories

This is the first part in a series of blog posts related to Conspiracy Theories. As a disclaimer, these are all mere theories and nothing is fact, but as fans it’s fun to speculate and consider the possibilities. 

1. The Sims is a commentary for our governments

The game itself you play god. You watch and control, you see every little moment of their lives. Sims V.I.P wrote a post about the sims being a commentary for our modern government, and we as the controller play the role as ‘Big Brother’ from George Orwell’s 1984.

This is the full post: SIMS VIP

2. We as humans, are living in a simulation very similar to the game

A lot of people believe that we are in a simulation being controlled by Aliens on another planet. We are in this simulation to be observed for scientific testing. However, there are flaws with this as their explanations behind it state that it’s because of how fast Technology is advancing, but fails to neglect the amount of Scientific Research that has gone into Technology and the lack of it for centuries.

3. Bella Goth was murdered, not abducted

The big story of the Sims 2 was that Bella Goth was missing and her children had memories relating to her being abducted. However, there’s more reason for her to be murdered than there is to be abducted. For one, she was deeply unhappy in her marriage to Mortimer and was messing around with new neighbour, Don Lothario. This would cause issues for Mortimer’s wholesome, traditional image so a lot of people actually think he killed her, switching her out for Dina Caliente.

4. Sims 4 is a Parallel Universe, but we could go back to the Sims 2 Universe

Sims 2 was probably the best era of Sims. There was stories, memories and an alien mystery. Not to mention, it was an actual sequel to the first Sims series. The Sims 3 was a decent prequel, but when the Sims 4 offered us no correlation to the other series’ other than a few familiar characters, we were disappointed.

E.A confirmed that the Sims 4 is in fact, a different Universe, but many fans think it is a version of a Parallel Universe, the one that is alternative to the Universe we had in the Sims 2. Think of it like this, Willow Creek is a more shiny, happy and glowing version of the drama fuelled world of Pleasantview. Is it the Universe that could of been?

5. The Goth Family are Time Travellers 

Some people in the Sims community think that the Goths have travelled in time, because of the way the family comes across. They are a conservative, typical 2.4 family structure with very old clothes and very traditional furniture. It doesn’t seem right that the family sit in a neighbourhood with very modern homes, but have a very old one themselves. Along with old, classical furniture such as a grand piano they also have very modern, high tech gadgets that other families do not have, such as their home alarm.

6. Olive Specter is a serial killer

Olive Specter from Strangetown was always a mysterious character, but she holds 21 deceased Sims on her lot. Olive, according to her biography, will stop at nothing to get what she wants- and her memories insinuate that she fell in love with the Grim Reaper, so perhaps she is killing to see him more often. They also say that Nervous Subject is their child.

7. Sims is a metaphor for Consumerism

In the game, it sets the message that more is more and more is good. The most expensive items in the game create more happiness than other goals, such as having a child or getting a promotion.

8. The Sims takes place in the Mass Effect Universe

If the player uses the Time Machine object found in The Sims 3: Ambitions, one of the outcomes is that you will recieve a message about “some sort of shepherd saving the galaxy from an ancient machine threat” which is a reference to Commander Shepherd.




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