LUSH ‘soak and float’ shampoo bar review

Lush videos have recently been on the Internet to promote their naked range. This is to minimise the use of plastic and benefit the Enviroment. Furthermore, it also proves we don’t need plastic and there are other ways around production.

On the comment sections of these videos, I saw an endless stream of “I will have to keep using plastic as I have a sensitive scalp” and whereas some scalp conditions require special medicated shampoos, for every day sensitive scalp LUSH already has the answer- a shampoo bar called Soak and Float.

It contains Cade oil, which has been around for a long time to treat things such as eczema and dandruff. As somebody who suffers with a sensitive scalp, I thought this would be better suited to me. Previously I have used ‘Seanik’ and ‘Jason and the Argan Oil’, both are brilliant shampoo bars but left me with the irritable scalp I always seem to have, especially in Spring!

On first impressions, the scent attracted me straight away. It has the scent of the ‘All Good Things’ liquid perfume which I enjoy. It’s a scent that reminds me of heavy skies in summer, when the sun is just setting and the night begins. I was hoping that it would last and linger in my hair, as with Seanik, the scent lingered for days.

I found it lathered better than the other shampoo bars I’ve used and hardly any product came off the bar which is brilliant as I like them to last as long as possible. Upon rinsing, my hair was already softer than usual and that was without my usual conditioner (LUSH American Cream) and coconut oil.

My scalp wasn’t sore or flaky like most shampoos leave it, and instead upon drying, my hair fell into a soft mane, meaning I didn’t have to use any other products to get my desired style.

All in all, I am very impressed with this shampoo bar and it is by far my favourite out of the collection so far! The scent is gorgeous and lingers in hair, my scalp feels soothed and my hair has fallen nicely- not to mention the shine! I would tell anybody who loves LUSH to go and purchase this right away and cut down on plastic bottles.

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