After the devastation of Infinity War, let’s take a look ahead of Avengers 4. We currently do not know what to expect, but after the lack of mercy Infinity War showed the audience, we do know it is set to shock, thrill and impress.

We’ve come up with a few theories that could be set to play in Avengers 4, or at least we’re hoping as some of these are pretty good (not to blow my own trumpet, but yes.)


  1. Reality is not what it seems

The characters that are left at the end of Infinity War are the core Avengers. We’ve got Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Rhodes. But we know that Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr only have a small amount of contract left, which doesn’t make sense considering their characters were left out of whatever that man fading plague was at the end of the film.

I am speculating that maybe the reality stone has made us believe that those that faded away died, maybe in reality the ones that are alive are the ones that are dead and the ones that we saw meet a demise at the end are the ones who are alive. Considering the ones who faded away were the ‘newer’ generation of the Avengers, for example, Doctor Strange and Black Panther, wouldn’t it make sense if the original Avengers were wiped out to make space for the new ones? All we know is the scene between Spiderman and Iron Man ripped our hearts out.


  1. Reversing the past and travelling back

We saw that Thanos could reverse time to avoid Wanda from destroying the mind stone, so is there potential that this could be used to go back and stop everyone from meeting their demise? We know that Doctor Strange saw the outcome of the war against Thanos and that he thought ‘It was the only way.’ He used the time stone to see into the future, but happily gave it up to save Stark’s life, we have to trust Strange in his plan and that it was for the best.

What we do know, is that with Strange having gone at the end of Infinity War, he could not be the one to yield the stone. The next obvious person to do so would be Wong, but he wasn’t shown at the end of the film so currently we don’t actually know of his fate or what happened to him. BUT HERE’S THE THING: If you’re a reader of the comics, we know that Nebula, Gamora’s blue skinned Sister, steals the infinity gauntlet but then gets tricked by Thanos into changing everything back into its original state. Following Gamora now out of the picture and the future of Guardians lacking a heroine, here is my theory: In grief, Nebula and Starlord form a revenge plot unable to deal with Gamora’s death due to the hands of Thanos, and go on a journey to obtain all of the infinity stones. So the bringing back of the heroes we know and love, could come back in a narrative circle in a father-daughter show down.

I mean think about it, Karen Gillain is only really just starting out as a film actress, her first appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy was great, but Nebula was made a bit disposable. They wouldn’t have kept her contract going if they didn’t have greater and more detailed plans for the character of Nebula.


  1. The Soul Stone, queue in Ant Man??

I was surprised to not see the appearance of Ant Man in Infinity War after being convinced Paul Rudd would be in it. But, I do think he will play a bigger role in Avengers 4 and it all comes down to the soul stone.

The Infinity Stone has the power to control life and death by storing the essence of people in the soul world which exists within the soul stone- we already know this. The souls captured remain captured until the person holding the stone decides to set them free- we can’t imagine Thanos having any mercy for these souls, considering he is doing what he feels needs to be done for overpopulation. But we know that this stone needs to be vital to get those souls back.

Queue in Ant Man, with the ability to shrink down. Could he travel to and from the soul stone and bring souls back? Or will he just steal the stone?

Infinity War spends a lot of time dealing with the Soul Stone, including teaching the audience how to actually obtain it. This is where we meet an old foe of the Marvel Universe, Red Skull- who explains that the stone requires the sacrifice of a beloved before the person after it can use it.

Personally, I think that Tony Stark will sacrifice himself in order for the world to be saved. Which will prove emotional considering in the first moments of Infinity War, we see him and Pepper talking about parenthood, and joking with Doctor Strange about not inviting him to the wedding. Is it possible that Pepper Potts could be pregnant with Iron Man Junior, and Tony Stark will die to save the world, leaving them the legacy? We’ll see.


4. Loki could make a shock return?

Loki was actually meant to die in Thor: The Dark World, but he didn’t. He just keeps coming back. Tom Hiddleston, the actor who plays Loki has recently spoken out about how there was a resistance for Loki to die, and when Loki was meant to die in Dark World, he and Chris Hemsworth performed that scene like that was his death for good.

We can’t quite believe that Loki is dead, he’s the gift that keeps on giving- he never seems to just die.

Plus, whereas Zoe Saldana announced she was leaving the Marvel Universe when Gamora died, Tom Hiddleston has yet to comment leaving it open for discussion.


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