Maybelline Tattoo Brow Review

Maybelline is loved all over the world for their mascaras and foundations, but recently they’ve released a brow product which is sure to rock your brow world.

Brows are the apparently the bees knees of the past few years since Cara Delivigne came on the scene and everybody is looking for that fool proof product that will make them stand out.

I’m trying this product tonight and I’m interested in seeing how it works against my usual non existent brows.

My brows are naturally blonde despite having auburn hair, so I’m always filling them in constantly which takes time and effort.

It works by smoothing the applicator onto the brows and leaving them to set for two hours, very much like a hair dye. The difference is, you just peel them off after like a face mask.

This is while the brow tattoo is on. You can’t feel any product on the brows during the two hours but I did find my hair stuck to my brows because of the product so best to use a hair band. I’ve got this bunny one from the body shop!

After two hours I peeled off the tint and found that it hadn’t attached to my brows and it left a very reddish tint to them that I wasn’t happy with.

Unconvinced my £13 purchase was a flop, I decided to re apply the eyebrow tint and leave it on whilst I slept.

This was the result! Strong, dark brows that didn’t require filling in.

What I found was that when water hit them, they faded back to the reddish tint which is disappointing, but if you’re not heading anywhere near water it’s a really good alternative to filling in your eyebrows.

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