Things about University I wish I knew before starting

A lot of people will be starting University this September and will be going through the process of signing up for finance, choosing accomodation etc. This time last year I was in the exact same position so I’ve collected a few things that I wish I knew before starting myself.

  1. It’s not all partying 

Sure, you’ll have some excellent nights during freshers, but when your loan runs out, it’s runs out and then you’re in overdraft territory and every night out will feel like a guilty trap. If you plan to be out once a week make sure you save for that, otherwise you’ll get yourself in debt for a night you probably won’t remember.

2. Turn up to ALL your induction sessions

During your first week you will have things called induction sessions and these are actually vital, not turning up will mean you are already behind and nobody wants to start further education on a bad sour impression. A lot of people think they aren’t relevant and will slack them off to sleep in, but honestly everything you need to know will be shared during that transition week.

3. Don’t expect to be spoon fed 

A lot of people can’t hack University because they have to find everything for themselves which doesn’t suit students who have previously been spoon fed. You have to be prepared to find sources, relevant research and talk to people yourself to find out facts.

4. Join a freaking society 

Honestly you will meet the most wonderful people in your Uni Societies, you get people who stick their noses up at them but from my experience they are a great way of meeting new people, enjoying something in common and having a good time. Most Universities offer ones from Sport to Creative subjects.

5. Start a savings account alongside your current account 

If you can make any savings at all, do it. My one dream in life is to have my own house or apartment, but alongside University and Overdraft debts, it’s going to be hard to save for one. So if you decline that spoons breakfast and have that fiver spare you budgeted for, add it to your savings. Every little saving does count, it does help, so keep this in mind when you’re in first year.

6. You probably won’t have a ‘family atmosphere’ with your flat

For some reason everyone imagines the halls atmosphere at University to be like Monica’s apartment from Friends, but I promise you, you have to prepare for more domestics than your mum and dad. Not everybody is lucky enough to have a lovely atmosphere, and more people have bad ones than good.

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