Clean eating without the effort

It’s now officially spring, and everybody wants to be a little bit healthier ready for the Summer ahead. This post will show you several ways you can change your diet so it’s healthier, without the effort.

1. Meal Prep

Not in the way you’re thinking. For example, I will batch cook a protein source on a Sunday, whether it’s a joint of meat or a vegetarian alternative. This means I have enough protein to last me the whole week and it’s already cooked. From there, I can make pastas, curries and other meals using the same protein- and I know I’m getting it in my diet.

2. Think ‘three step’ balance

This is choosing your protein, carb and your vegetables. Make sure you follow these three steps with every meal as it will help your body get healthier. Try and switch it up- season your vegetables so you want to eat more of them, choose between rice, pasta or sweet potatoes.

3. Use less oil

A table spoon of oil has one hundred and fifty calories which automatically adds to your daily intake- which is what you don’t need. If you can’t go without oil, switch to virgin coconut oil or virgin olive oil as they are both healthier alternatives.

4. Snack less

Snack less or snack better! Have fruit or vegetable sticks, avoid sugary processed foods that won’t benefit you and I promise you’ll feel much more motivated for it.

5. Drink Tea, not fizzy drinks

You get can fruity teas, green teas and mint teas. They are all beneficial for your body and are tasty- just not packed with sugar and chemicals like your average fizzy drinks are.

6. Drink Water

Water is the most beneficial thing for you and your metabolism. You should be drinking at least two litres a day, but if you can’t manage that, try one and half. That’s the equivalent of eight glasses of water. Take a bottle with you wherever you go and I guarantee you will feel more awake, refreshed and it will curb your appetite.

7. Cook from Scratch

This might be effort to some but once you’ve picked it up, you’ve done the best thing you could of to make the transition easier. Enjoying cooking will show you what you put in food and you can guarantee it will be full of good, instead of bad.

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