Should Mothers be taking up the Disabled spaces on busses?

Recently a giant debate has spread over the internet, reaching over several Facebook groups. The debate is that if a wheelchair user comes on a bus, if a Mother is already there with a push chair, the wheelchair user should get off and wait for another bus. Legally, by law, disabled spaces on busses are reserved for wheelchair users, but many Mothers online are stating it’s ‘first come, first served.’

“I hate public transport. People think because you are disabled, you shouldn’t be doing the same things as anyone else. I have to pay thirty pounds to my local supermarket because I’m too scared to get the bus, because of the comments Mum’s make when I ask them to fold their pushchairs down so I can get on.” An anonymous woman from the West Midlands has recently stated that she fears getting on public transport.

It sparks up a debate that Society is becoming too child centred, everything is for the benefit of Mother and Baby, a role that is assumed to be treated better than any other in our Society.

“If you are a Mum, you are put on a pedestal. But it comes with entitlement and I honestly do feel like most mothers these days think they are entitled to a lot of things that they wouldn’t give once to any other person.” States Benjamin Hunt, a carer.

In a recent poll, 70% of people disagreed that Wheelchair users should give up their space on the bus for Mothers, but 30% disagreed.

“It’s first come first served. Why should my baby starve because I have to wait to get the next bus? Why can’t the disabled person’s carer drive them. It’s selfish.” States Suzy Gowan.




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