My week in Outfits

Monday- Monday is my ‘easy’ day. It’s my day off usually which I spend cleaning up my flat, catching up with work and watching alllll the Netflix. I opted for my black culottes which I love and one of my favourite jumpers which is super comfy.

Tuesday- also known as ‘get shit done’ day. I went for a basic black shirt and my pink business style trousers as I was out and about doing interviews for my university portfolio. My hair was inspired by Misa from Deathnote!

Wednesday- my outfit was inspired by something I’d seen on Pinterest, but most of my clothes were in the wash by this point so I was back to wearing leggings as I always have about five pairs in my wardrobe. I spent this day just doing coursework which felt like a shame because this outfit made me feel like I had my life together.

Thursday- Thursday I was going home and I wanted to look like I wasn’t struggling with debt and destruction. Everything I’m wearing in this picture is also from Primark and I calculated it and this outfit would only actually cost you £16 so it’s a bargain!

Friday- a chill but cold day. Back in my basic leggings and one of my favourite cotton jumpers- also showing the return of the care bear socks.

Saturday- the culottes are back- repeat, the culottes are back! This time wearing it with one of my favourite shirts ever which was one from New Look in the sale for £3. Happy days. As you can see, minimal effort was made with my hair and I’m kinda okay with it.

Sunday- I was headed out shopping and wanted a casual but warm outfit. Opted for my favourite jeans and a baby pink jumper. I used a hair waver on my hair but I don’t think you can tell that much.

So that is my week in outfits, I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did like it, make sure to give the blog a follow and a like! Hope you all have a wonderful day x

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