Being ‘Middle Sized’

You go into a store, desperately glazing over the beautiful garments chilling on the rack, just begging to be brought. You spend about half an hour, finding something that you really really like, but when you do, to your horror they do not have your size. You debate squeezing into a size ten, but you realise that nobody really wants to be there when you sit down and a button pops off. This is just one of the many predicaments of being ‘Middle Sized.’

For years, we have been surrounded by images of the perfect, slender women in the media and it’s always been the norm. If you were not that size, you always felt like you should try every diet going to try to be, whilst scrolling down your instagram feed wondering why you were not simply genetically created that way. We have been presented with ideals, that we should aim to, but without any education on our own body types.

2016 brought us the body positivity movement where all body types are being celebrated. And this bought the encouragement of plus sizes, self acceptance and happiness for all, no matter the circumstance. This uncovered more social media coverage of plus size models and more of a debate of what is healthy or not.

But where do us middle sized girls fit in? We normally get slid into the plus size category, which is super irritating as we’re not big enough to buy clothes from the actual plus size section. When do we decide that a woman isn’t thin enough to be considered not a normal size, but not big enough to be plus size? We are simply middles.

And clothes shopping is a nightmare. We’ve got thinner Women buying size twelves so that the clothes are oversized, so we have to buy from the plus size section and clinch our T Shirt’s in so they don’t look like a tent. We are also bashed on social media for being an unhealthy weight, but shunned by the plus size community for not being larger.

So where does categorising bodies stop?

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