Get to know the blogger: 50 facts about me

I’ve been blogging on here for a while now and I think it’s time I fully introduced myself and you all got to know me. Would love to hear from some of you in the comments as I love to connect with my readers!

  1. My name is Maisie Elizabeth Hancox.
  2. I’m Nineteen.
  3. I’m from a small town where Shakespeare was born.
  4. I have seven cats, who I adore very much.
  5. My star sign is a Leo.
  6. I’m very much into Astrology and it interests me a huge amount.
  7. I was born on 7th August.
  8. The first aspiration I had as a child was to be a singer.
  9. The first band I got into as a child was Evanescence.
  10. I was a model as a child and had to do a runway dressed as a fairy princess.


11. I’m currently a first year University student.

12. I’m studying Journalism.

13. My aspiration is to end up somewhere in the Entertainment Industry.

14. I’m massively into films and love to review them.

15. I’m a huge Marvel fan.

16. I play guitar and violin.

17. I also sing and whereas I haven’t had singing lessons, I have done musicals as a child.

18. I’m really inspired by Fashion, but love to be unique.

19. My first job was as a children’s party coach and there I learnt to do makeup.

20. One of my favourite hobbies is to cook.

21. I love hosting and love hosting dinner parties for people.

22. I was a young carer for my little sister as a child/teenager and took part in Warwickshire’s Young Carer’s project which really helped with my confidence.

23. Latte’s are my favourite drink in the world.

24. I have lost a great amount of weight in the past due to scratch cooking and exercise.

25. I have Italian descent.

26. I am naturally a redhead.

27. Neck Deep, Linkin Park and Bury Tomorrow are just a few of my favourite bands.

28. Yoga is one of my favourite ways to unwind.

29. I watch vines to chill out.

30. Empire Magazine is my favourite magazine ever.


Credit to Saskia Caines for her Photography. 

31. I absolute love to read.

32. My favourite Netflix shows are Orphan Black and Sense8.

33. I’m a huge Disney fan.

34. I love homeware so much and interior design is definitely one of the passions I want to act on when I am financially stable.

35. I’m a UK size 12-14 and I don’t really fit into the ‘ideal’ or ‘plus size’ category. I’m just a middler.

36. I’m very positive about my body as I’ve been on a huge journey with it, up and down!

37. Ariel is my favourite Disney Princess.

38. My favourite thing in the world is my Cat, Hercules.

39. My favourite colour is Lilac.


40. I’ve been working since the age of fourteen, both full time and part time.

41. My most favourite perfumes are Gucci Bloom, Jimmy Choo and Paco Rabanne Ultra Violet.

42. Autumn is my favourite season followed by Summer.

43. Tango iced blasts are my life.

44. I was more of a Camp Rock girl than a High School Musical Girl.

45. I’m the opposite of a pescetarian, I eat meat, but I don’t eat seafood.

46. My go to outfit is a skirt, tights, cute t shirt and docs.

47. I have a Tortoise called Doris.

48. My favourite book is ‘One Day.’

49. I really look up to Stacey Dooley.

50. Jelly and Icecream is my favourite food, still to this day.



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