Five lessons you can learn from Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones has been back on UK Netflix for a week now, and we can’t get enough.  To celebrate the female superhero, we have crafted five lessons you can learn from Jessica Jones:


1. Turn your insecurities into Comedy 

Everybody feels insecure sometimes, even Jones, who blamed herself for her families death. But in those moments, it’s important to not get down about it as we are all wonderful in our own way. And using comedy as a way to mask them can often help build self esteem and make you come out with fabulous one liner’s like Jessica.

2. Look after your fellow females, especially after experiencing the same Man 

As a part of the sisterhood, when a man treats you badly, it should be your job to warn other females. If they are stupid enough to not listen to you that’s not your issue- but you should at least try as it means you care about what happens to other women. When Jones suspects Kilgrave is back, she goes to rescue Hope, knowing what she’s going through.

3. Don’t trust people too easily 

Admittedly as much as I hate to say, ninety nine percent of people will let you down. People betray, lie and snake their way in and to protect yourself, you’ve got to make sure that it doesn’t happen by making sure the people around you are genuine.

4. Be straight with people, even if it means being brutal

Don’t be one to hold back. It’s not healthy and it’s not fair on you. There’s only so much one person can keep on the inside without imploding. If you’re honest and straight up, people will respect you more any way, even if you do come across as a little crazy in the process.

5. Look after your gal pals 

Jessica is always looking after Trish, and Trish is always looking up to Jessica. That’s what friendship should be like and the moral of the story is to always have each other’s back. It’s so important, especially now that good friendships are rare.


Jessica Jones Season 2 is on NETFLIX UK now.




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