This is all we’ve wanted to know since 2004 when the Sims 2 braced us.

If you’re a sims fan like myself, you will know how important the character of Bella Goth is. She’s this mysterious, beautiful woman who disappeared from her Pleasantview home one day and never came back. Well, until the Sims 3 where she came back as a child, and the Sims 4, but that is an alternate universe so it doesn’t actually count.

Bella Goth Blog
From left: Sims 1, Sims 2, Sims 3, Sims 4.  Credits to Google Images.

If you’re not caught up or aware of the Bella Goth storyline, this is as follows: In the Sims 1, Bella Goth is a playable character who was very popular. She was featured in the Goth mansion with her husband Mortimer and daughter, Cassandra. But in the Sims 2, which is set twenty five years later, Bella has gone missing but her daughter is still a teenager (I see you Maxis, what is that plot hole) and she has gained a son called Alexander, both of which have memories of her being abducted by aliens. In the Sims 3, Bella is playable once again as Bella Bachelor, a girl set before both the first two games and you can play her family. And in the sims 4, Bella is back with her family again but she looks quite different to previous Bella’s as sims 4 is in an alternative universe to the previous games.

There are many conspiracies as to what happened to Bella and you would be surprised how many there are. Sim theorists are some of the strongest fan theorists out there, we want answers and we want them now.

Credits: https://zillagames.wordpress.com/tag/bella-goth/

Conspiracy Theories about Bella: 

  1. She was abducted by aliens. Whaaaat?!

This is a very widely known theory as when you first load up Pleasantview and click on the Goth family, it is in Cassandra’s memories that Bella was abducted. The general consensus is that Bella was abducted and dumped in Strangetown. There is a playable Bella Goth in Strangetown but she is NOT Pleasantview Bella. So maybe when the aliens abducted her she was cloned? But where is the real Bella??

2. She was killed by Don Lothario

Don Lothario was the fuckboy of the Sims 2 and had several relationships with different women in Pleasantview. When you first load up his family, the line “And what about the rumours that Bella was last seen scaling the deck of his condo?” appears- suggesting those were her last whereabouts. There are many theories about Don’s motive, many speculating he was seduced by the Caliente Sisters to do it.

3. It was planned by the Caliente Sisters

Nina and Dina Caliente were also fighting for Don’s affections, and Bella being the most beautiful lady in all of Pleasantview couldn’t have been good for their ego’s. If you look at the Caliente family tree, you can see that they are related to actual aliens. So clearly they have connections and if anyone was to execute Bella’s disappearance it would have been them, right? Plus, after Bella’s disappearance, Dina makes her move on Mortimer for his money.


4. It was Mortimer

Mortimer may have seen Bella getting close to Don, and the hot headed business empire owner may have snapped. It wouldn’t have been difficult for a powerful man like himself, no one would suspect the old, loving husband- would they?

5. She simply ran away

Bella’s relationships always seemed so, so. She didn’t particularly have friends, her relationship with her husband was average and so was it with her children. It is often speculated that Bella went to Don looking for escape and he helped her skip town, under the guise that he wouldn’t be suspected by Mortimer because he was already involved with Cassandra. And that is why Bella can be found in Strangetown, with no memories of her past life due to her wanting to forget.


So come on E.A, it’s about time you told us what happened to Bella. We’ve been waiting since 2004 and fourteen years later, we are just as desperate to know. What do you think happened to her?











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